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the product of 25 years experience in the Earth sciences and information/communication technology


Since training in web design in 2000, I have worked on a large number of websites, from simple, straightforward information-only pages to complex sites featuring animations, audio/video streaming and so on. But I know what I like when I'm surfing the web. I use the Internet as an information resource and I like to be able to get at what I want with the minimum of fuss. I rate a good website by ease of navigation and clarity of information and to be honest a lot of the "flashy stuff" leaves me cold!

Therefore I offer straightforward websites, such as those I do for local businesses and scientific and conservation organisations, at an affordable price. I design the "look" of the site and when you are happy with that, I then build away using the agreed design as a template. I host your developing site and once you are fully satisfied with it I transfer it over to your public domain.

Pricewise, I charge 175 for the design stage and if you supply me text that needs no editing, it's 20 per page from therein, plus 30/hr editing and resizing images (this rarely takes more than a couple of hours unless you want lots of images or a web gallery). I'll take the images too, if required, at the same hourly rate. I can do all the writing, but please remember that you know your organisation better than I do and it's best (and cheaper) if you tell your own story! I can also advise on domain name availability and hosting options. Part-screengrabs and links to four recently-completed websites of mine are along the bottom of this page, so feel free to check out my work.

Graphics work in recent times has been focussed heavily on doing bilingual (English & Welsh) interpretation signs for conservation organisations (also see the Interpretation page). Prices vary according to the amount of editorial input required by me. For written work, graphics, web pages or combinations of these, please email me with your requirements for a chat and a quote.
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