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I have been involved in photography for over 20 years now, ever since obtaining my first Canon A-1 SLR - still a fine camera! Today, though, my work is done with a Nikon D300 DSLR and a variety of lenses. My images have been published by the BBC, newspapers such as the Guardian and have been used by various non-commercial to commercial concerns - from the National Museum of Wales to Gordon's Gin! Although the natural world - and especially wild weather - is my speciality, I have done a wide range of commissions in recent years. 30/hr is my current rate for photography and processing, plus travel expenses where that is required. If you have an event or business that you would like recording through the lens, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

In 2007, I launched my unique online slide library featuring the weather and landscapes of Mid-Wales, from the sea to the hills. Set in and around the beautiful Dyfi Valley area of Mid-Wales, it features the area's mountains, rivers and coasts in all their moods, from benign to furious, as the seasons and weather change. The images are available for sale in electronic format for multimedia use and also as prints. I am also available for illustrated talks on weather-photography in Wales: in 2008 I gave such a presentation to the Royal Meteorological Society in London. For the slide library please click here.

For getting on for a decade, I have been running a popular and regularly-updated blog dedicated to thunderstorms, blizzards, floods and other severe weather in Wales. The blog documents events (with images) and, using my interpretation techniques, sets about explaining complex weather and climate-related processes to the lay person. This duel approach has proved to be a remarkable success and has attracted attention from people worldwide (often with an original Welsh connection) and the media. To access my severe weather blog, please click here
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Dandelion starburst!
Tornado damage, Bow Street 2006 Stratocumulus mammatus at sunrise,
                              2006 Mammatus and cow!
Dandelion Starburst!
F2 Tornado damage, Bow Street
Mammatus, Machynlleth, 2006
Cow & mammatus, Borth, 2009